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General information about my air ducts




The air duct connects the lock carrier / radiator grille with the air filter box and is intended to supply it with fresh air. However, most of the factory-installed air ducts are designed in such a way that a large part of the air flow is directed into the engine compartment. The engine can of course also suck in hot air through this opening. In addition, the standard parts are provided with air baffles on the inside, some of which result in a considerable restriction of the cross-section (sometimes more than 50%) and are therefore very unfavorable to the flow.










Advantage of the carbon air ducts


With the closed carbon air ducts, the entire air flow goes directly into the air filter box. An opening and air baffles in the engine compartment are deliberately omitted here. The shape, which is much more aerodynamic, supplies the engine with cooler fresh air much better, which has a positive effect on the engine's performance and responsiveness. In extreme situations we were able to measure intake air temperatures up to 40 degrees cooler and at higher speeds, for example, an increased air mass can be measured by VCDS, which corresponds to a higher performance.





The air ducts are made of a 245gr carbon fiber fabric for the outside, and laminated with a 300gr glass fiber fabric for the inside. Additional reinforcement layers are incorporated at screw points and openings. The air ducts consist of 2-3 layers of fabric which are laminated into the negative molds with high-quality, UV-resistant epoxy resin. In the standard version, the carbon surface is only matted. Painting with 2K carbon clear lacquer for a glossy finish, or lacquering in structure black matt for an "OEM look" are possible at an additional cost.


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